Our process begins with design. The architecture  team works with the other concentrations to develop a concept, program, and design direction for each project. As the design develops further, the documentation, modeling, and detail decisions are made and managed by the designers in tandem with the performance and construction based decisions being made by the rest of the team. 


From the outset of our projects, construction management becomes a key part of keeping the project on schedule, under budget, and thoroughly specified. Each stage in the design process is accompanied by an integrated, evolving estimate allowing us to deliver a complete manual as soon as the design is approved with procurement and deliveries following suit. Once construction begins, the scheduling and safety of the construction process are managed primarily by the construction team whose end-goal is a timely closeout..



Our engineering team has one of the most integrated jobs in our program. Their goal is to ensure that each decision made by the group takes efficiency, sustainability, and structural feasability into account. Load calculations and energy modeling are tracked throughout the design process and into the construction phase. Commisioning our projects involve performance testing by the engineering team to ensure the building will behave as intended.


The IDEXlab team is currently led by two faculty members along with a graduate assistant.  The graduate assistant acts as a off-hours resource for the team by providing insight, knowledge, and help with project tasks.  Our faculty members provide direction for the team and challenge them to perform above and beyond.


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