Elizabethton, Tennessee

Reigniting the City of Power... 


The IDEXlab was presented the following and created this project question along with an exciting new project site:

What would a central community park that brings the past and future together, in a safe and healthy environment that reflects the rich history of Elizabethton, Tennessee look like?

The IDEXlab's goals for this project were to create design for a beautiful and sustainable park environment that everyone in the community is able to enjoy. This park represents the history of a once thriving town that was known as, "The City of Power". The team's plan is to revitalize the parks in a way that maintains the historic aesthetics, while introducing modern methods of sustainable power, town planning, and landscaping.



meet the team

Anna Cashion, ARCH

Gabe Talavera, CM

Madison Blair, ARCH

Dani Scaccia, ARCH

Molly Ravenscraft, ARCH + CM

Wes Byerly, ARCH

Nathan Smith, ARCH

Brianna Lance, ARCH + CM

Jackson Laing, ARCH + CM

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