The Graduate Coursework Experience


As part of their graduate coursework, Sustainable Building Design and Construction students complete three courses in series that apply a similar experience as the IDEXlab, at the graduate level.



From left to right:

Hazel, Nathan, Sarah, and Leah.

We are a group of four Masters students in the Department of
Sustainable Technology and the Built Environment at Appalachian
State University. We consider ourselves lucky to possess a variety of backgrounds including (but definitely not limited to) interior design, construction engineering, architecture, fabrication,
renewable energy, building science, and sustainable practices.

In January of 2016 we took on the endeavor of designing the mobiLANDING, and after many late nights, leaping through hurdles, and countless iterations, completed the design in Fall of 2016.

Faculty Advisor: D. Jason Miller, AIA

Current Project

The mobiLANDING is the Beech Mountain Small Wind Research and Demonstration Site counterpart to the recently completed IDEXlab project, the MOBILab. The mobiLANDING will serve as a crashpad and docking station to its mobile counterpart, and will operate independently with a sheltered work space, storage, and restroom facility. When the MOBILab is present, they mutually increase each other’s potential. The mobiLANDING will not only provide much needed support at Beech Mountain, but it will promote long-term growth by advancing organization, professionalism, and research-based education, while engaging with the surrounding community. Our project will help the site realize its full potential as a hands-on educational facility while acting as a showpiece for Appalachian State University.


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