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HOW did we do it?


The IDEXlab was presented the following project statement along with an exciting new project site:

The College of Fine & Applied Arts (CFAA) intends to use 182 Howard Street as a window to the community for what we do in the college. Over the last two years the college has rented the space in piecemeal fashion for 1st Friday Art Crawls and various weekend events to celebrate and exhibit student work.  By formally leasing the space the CFAA plans to organize more events that further highlight our students but also faculty and collaborative department projects.  Our college has a long history of engaging and working with the community to share resources, solve problems, and create opportunities. 182 Howard Street expands on this tradition by making us more visible and more accessible to the community.


More specifically, we (The IDEXlab) formulated a design goal based on the provided project statement.  Our objective is to design and create a highly flexible studio environment for students of the Fine and Applied Arts that fosters collaboration and innovation. The space will act as an interactive window into the department by providing a platform for exhibits and hands on community involvement. 


HOW Space, hosted by the College of Fine and Applied Arts at Appalachian State University, supports community-making by fostering diverse and collaborative programming, events and ideas, including:

  • Workshops

  • Speaker series

  • Public-private project partnerships

  • Interactive social events

  • Exhibitions

Located at 182 Howard Street (across from The Local), this downtown space showcases sustainable, creative and interdisciplinary projects. The college provides the administrative framework and the HOW Space steering committee oversees the creative direction of the facility.

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